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Most Underrated Players Of MLB All-Time

I'm starting this thread to honor and recognize some of the most underrated MLB players of all time

Cap Anson - I would say he is the best baseball player of all time he may have been racist but he was a great ballplayer, here are some achievements

First ballplayer to get 3000 hits
1 all time in seasons played
7th all time in hits
3rd all time in RBI's
8 time league leader in RBI's
18th all time in doubles
8th all time in runs

Rays Chapman- R.I.P., Chapman was murdered by Yankees starting pitcher Carl Mays in 1920,Mays spit on a baseball and put dirt on it so chapman could not see the ball the next pitch he threw at Rays head Chapman was knocked out on the floor and was taken to the hospital he died the following day, the same season In tribute to Chapman's memory, Cleveland players wore black arm bands, with manager Tris Speaker leading the team to win both the pennant and the first world championship in the history of the club.


1 time League Leader in walks
6th all time in sacrifice hits
1 time league leader in assists
3 time league leader in putouts
1 time league leader in runs

Napoleon Lajojie - Canadian -French player who was Ty Cobb's biggest rival once had a league leading averave of .426


3 batting titles

please post anymore underrated players you know below this blog, thank you for reading
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Top Ten Favorite players Active

This Blog is for us to name our top ten favorite Baseball players hope to here some nice names, LETS BEGIN

10. Torii Hunter - Productive Great Feilder , hits for decent power and for a decent average and can steal about 15+ bases

9. Joe Mauer - great player decent fielder  great hitter

8. Bobby Jenks - Amazing Closer with great heat and is not blown save prone like Billy Wagner

7. Jake Peavy - Phenomenal pitcher with good velocity, control and effectiveness can get the job done when needed

6. Albert Pujols - all round player nuff said

5. Alex Rodriguez - All round player just like pujols but with more power

4. Jose B. Reyes - May act stupid at times but makes the contact and hustles and love baseball

3. David Wright - Power, Contact, Arm, Glove, and Attitude

2. Ryan J. Braun -  Amazing power good cantact DID YOU KNOW: I think he has 50+! 3 hit games this season

1. Ian Kinsler - My favorite player He hits For Power, Average can steal 40+ bases per season phenomenal player


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